Purchase a Gift Card to your favorite local Mitchell County business and we will match a portion of your purchase with a grocery gift card for a local family in need. Because we are stronger together.


The #MitchellCountyStrong Program was developed by the Solomon Valley Community Foundation in partnership with the Beloit Area Chamber of Commerce and Solomon Valley Economic Development with the sole purpose of supporting those in our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program enables customers to put dollars into the hands of their favorite businesses while also providing grocery assistance to those affected by recent layoffs and/or reduction in pay. 


The program is really quite simple. Buy 1, Give 1. When you purchase a gift card through the website (mitchellcountystrong) a portion of your purchase will be matched with a grocery store gift card, based on community requests. The idea is to get money flowing back into local businesses who may be experiencing a dramatic reduction in revenues, while at the same time providing grocery assistance to families who have seen a reduction in wages. *Match is limited up to $500 to any 1 business in any 1 purchase*


If you would like to partner with us to increase the match fund please visit Become a Partner 



Buy a gift card to your favorite local business 



We'll match a portion of your purchase with grocery assistance for a local family in need 



Because we are in this together and together we will overcome

Mitchell County is home to a countless number of fantastic businesses! Browse the full listing by clicking the link below. Not only will your purchase provide much-needed cash to those local businesses, but it will be matched with a grocery gift card for a Mitchell County family in need. Because we are stronger together!