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This Christmas season the Beloit Area Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with Mitchell County Strong is excited to offer a shop local promotion that encourages the purchase of gift cards to our local businesses. If you would like to register as a participating business, please fill out the form below. 



In order to participate in the Shop Local Christmas promotion your business must meet the following requirements:

  • Your business must be located within the limits of Mitchell County.

  • The business must currently sell and accept gift cards/gift certificates.


It's really quite simple:

  • First, enroll your business using the form below. Provide information about your business/service along with your logo and we will get you up and running. 

  • Patrons will then have the opportunity to purchase gift certificates to use at your business. 

  • When a customer completes an order he/she will receive an email confirmation and order number. 

  • The customer can then bring their confirmation of purchase to your business, or gift to someone else to do so.

  • Process a sale in the amount of their gift card receipt.

  • Give the customer the gift card and thank them for their support!




That's a great question!

Weekly, our staff will compile a report on the total sales of gift cards for your business. They will then issue and mail a check payment in that amount to you.  


About your Business
Upload logo or image for your business profile

Business Ownership

Contact & Payout Information 

The primary point of contact for this program

IRS Form W-9

To comply with IRS requirements we must complete a W-9 form for each participating business 

Business Eligibility Requirements *

This program is only available to businesses who meet the following requirements:

  • Your business must be located within the limits of Mitchell County

  • The business must currently sell and accept gift cards/gift certificates

Complete and Accurate *

Acknowledgement of Possibly Delay *

Upon completion, your listing will not automatically appear. Our team will be working to process applications as quickly as possible. All efforts will be made to ensure your listing will be posted within 24hrs of completion. 

Reports & Payouts *

Our team will do its best to issue weekly reports (on Monday) of total sales and issue a payout on Tuesday. If you do not receive a sales report it indicates that your business did not receive any sales. Due to demand and limited staff, the exact report and payout days may be subject to change.   

I understand my business is liable for fulfilling the gift certificates with good and/or services and if unable to do so reimbursement will need to be paid to the Beloit Area Chamber of Commerce. 

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